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IRS Audit Defense

Helping You during Audits. Easy-to-work with Process to Stay in Compliance with Multi-State Tax Requirements.

Bay Area Tax Services provides audit defense against IRS and FTB audits. Small businesses and individuals can be subject to an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) audit at any time. California residents can also be subject to an FTB (Franchise Tax Board) audit.

Both Federal and California laws can be arcane and very difficult to navigate without expert accounting firm (CPA firm) familiar with the laws.

  • IRS Audit Defense – Helping You During Audits
  • FTB Audit Defense – Knowledge of California Laws
  • Tax Peace of Mind Before, During and After Audits
Multi-state Tax Specialists

Multi-state tax refers to a taxpayer (whether an individual or business) that has possible tax liabilities in many states. For example, you might live in San Francisco but have a business interest in Portland. Or you might be a business owner with multiple business locations, or perhaps your corporation is registered in Texas but does business in multiple state, including California. Multi-state tax issues are a specialty of Bay Area Tax Services.

PTIN #P01540376
CTEC ID A260184
BOND No. 97-R9-4706-0


1848 Willow Pass Rd.
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